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“The key thing is that we’re not walking in this life alone, we’ve all gone through things and we’re all here to help each other and that’s really what life is about is to lift each other up and help each other.” – Matthew Currin

This is Matthew Currin. Husband. Father. Former Major in the United States Marine Corps. Current entrepreneur. He entered the Marine Corps in 1995 to be a pilot. He was in Operation Allied Forces in Kosovo and was one of the first United States Forces to land in Afghanistan after September 11th, 2001. He had to leave behind his loving wife and kids to serve and protect this country.

The Accident

That same year, on July 9th of 2001 Currin was performing a routine flight with a few of his comrades, one of them being his Combat Crew Chief, Clark Beatty. Beatty was not only his chief, he was one of his best friends on deployment. On this training hop, there were two aircrafts. One with Currin, and one with Beatty. The chief’s crew made a 12 second human error that led them to crash into the, leaving all 3 marines on the aircraft dead.

The New Purpose

Losing 3 of his best friends broke Currin’s heart but in this tragedy, he found a new purpose. He now runs a business called Convene Communities. This platform allows for the exchange of experience, knowledge, and wisdom. It is a safe space to share your story and express ideas.

“You know we all have a story. We all have something to share and that’s my life passion, is to help people tell their stories and give them a way that they can really impact others’ lives.” – Matthew Currin

Real Life. Real People. Real Experiences. Digital Story